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pmNERDS' Consulting

“If I engage consultants, then we’ll improve current project performance, but we need to develop an in-house capability for long term sustainability.”

The typical success criteria for a pmNERDS consultant is measured in terms of increased project performance, and growth of internal capabilities. We focus on targeted changes to business structures, and then project practices that are currently constraining project throughput and systems thinking.

When the Integrated PM structure is set right; changes are required. It’s one thing to know the material, and quite another to know how to teach, train, mentor, coach, and lead to support sustainable change. Our consultants are hired only after a demonstrated desire to impact lives on a personal level the using activities of Integrated PM.

TEACHING- Using the best practices of adult education today, we provide topical information to empower change adoption. We refer clients to additional reading. We host internal webinar sessions and lead discussions about new concepts being used. We provide access to e-Learning courses to act as both reference and extended learning even after the engagement concludes.

TRAINING- Using real time scenarios within your environment, we practice, practice, and practice. The intent is to make certain decisions and responses instinctive. The leadership style is mostly directive.

MENTORING- The mentor stands back, provides instruction, and lets the client practice working in an Integrated PM environment. The leadership style is that of an influencer, providing insight to the client as they work through daily tasks and decisions.

COACHING- The coach helps the client dream the impossible dream, construct that big hairy audacious goal, establish high performance goals for the year. Yes, the coach may lean on the Director leadership style. The big difference here is our personal, lifetime commitment to our clients. Once a pmNERD, always a pmNERD.

LEADERSHIP- We practice the leadership principles of Servant Leadership, and the practices of situational leadership to maximize change adoption. We will not be shy about empowering the individual and resolving Integrated PM constraints.

Our consultancy goal is to come into your organization as a consultant, and then extract ourselves from the newly formed Integrated PM group of “We” thinkers. If you're interest in talking about our services, please email us. or call us today. We certainly would love to discuss if it makes sense for us to do business.

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Wednesday, 12 December 2018
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