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pmNERDS’ Training Course Instructors

“If I decide to become a Course Instructor, then I can help other people and make money, but I will need to provide support for marketing as much as an author does for their books. ”

As the author of a book, you need to focus on its promotion. It’s the same thing with developing a pmNERDS’ training course. It's true that you benefit from the marketing efforts of others in the Brand, but there are still course activities you must participate in such as process training, skills mentoring, and performance coaching.

Along with those ‘In class’ activities, there are podcasts, webinars, community groups, blogs, and forum monitoring you create to help build equity in your name, promote mindshare, and increase the perceived value of your book- excuse me training course. You may even author a book as part of the course.

Being an author, or training course instructor is hard work, as your publisher we can help, but when it comes down to it, your success is up to you. We provide free coaching and marketing advice to help align your efforts with other courses and community initiatives. To help you take your course to market faster, you can engage a designer, but the choice is yours. Feel free to reach out to us to talk about the most requested courses for you to address.

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Wednesday, 12 December 2018
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