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Requesting a Community Coach

"If I participate in the coaching program, then I will get more value from the community, but I am afraid, don’t have time, lack the commitment, don’t have the energy, …, there is no real issue, just do it!"

It shouldn’t be a surprise that very few things in the community are activities for the individual. PM is a team sport, and shouldn’t be attempted alone.

The pmNERDS website contains a lot of PM information, but this is not just another content marketing scheme to sell products and services. The web site itself is a feature rich, software application with a web interface, designed to support the promotion of Integrated PM through a community, and much more.

What this means, is that it would take you a lot of time to discover all the functionality that is meaningful to you. By the time you do, we’ll be releasing more functionality. In addition to the technology being developed, the members themselves are developing a unique culture that also increases process innovation and the effectiveness of this Community of Practice in teaching, developing, researching and promoting Integrated PM. Unfortunately, this culture also needs to be learned.

We address these issues with a volunteer coaching program. There are many reasons that members volunteer coaching services. One reason held in common, is that we believe in each other, and realize that the faster you come up to speed, the sooner you can share ideas without being disruptive, and the sooner all of us can benefit from your experiences. The more we as coaches help others, the more we benefit personally. We can never do enough. Each time we do, we benefit more.

So please let us help you. How? Well, first accept the offer for coaching when you join. If you didn’t and now have second thoughts, no problem just send an email message by clicking on the email icon at the top of the page. Indicate you’d like to join the coaching program.

As they say, the rest is history!

You will be introduced through email to your newly assigned coach. Together you will schedule meetings to help you accomplish your goal. Of course, you can quite the program whenever you’d like. Or, you may decide to request a different coach, it’s all up to you. What we find is, that once the relationship is kicked off, it lasts. It lasts for a long time, and enriches the lives of both parties.

Don’t delay, begin today, it costs only your time; and returns continue to pay for years to come.

Coaching Others in the Community


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Sunday, 16 December 2018
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