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Social Learning Activities

“If I use a blended learning course, then I can gain the best of all worlds, but it is still very lonely, and I just don’t get as motivated to complete the course as in a live course.”

I get my personal energy from engaging with other people. I learn by study, and then explaining to others. I do my best work, when others can see me. Ok, you might not be like me, but others are. Most of us, for one reason or another, thrive in a social environment where idea exchange is regular. Real learning occurs when people are impacted at a social level.

With pmNERDS courses, they’re designed to engage collaboration. This engagement is accessed over the web with mobile devices and/or workstations. Conversation can be formalized in forums and blogs, chats in the community, or even more public through social media. You control how ‘alone’ you want/ or don’t want to be.

Start learning by participating in the community. Respond to the comments of others, ask questions, share experiences. Read forum and blog posts, make comments and engage in discussions. Within specific courses, participate in workshops where students review each other’s work and use feedback to improve work quality. Participate in course forums and discussions. As you engage with others, you will find that you have lots to offer, and decide to create a course of your own.

With all this talking, don’t you want to do something? If so, plan an event. pmNERDS loves to plan and manage events. Regardless of how big, or how small, in the community you can create a group and plan it. That’s right there is no limit. Plan a canoe trip or a mountain hike. Produce a play or rock concert locally, or across the World. It’s all just a project that the community works together on.

By surrounding yourself with others who are learning, learning will become part of who you are, the material your studying becomes part of the bigger you, the deeper you. The you who plans projects, manages those projects, and completes those projects. While talking about social change, a past US President commented, “What better people are there to take an idea and turn it into reality than project people.” That’s us!

At this point, you don’t remember your studies, you experience it!

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Sunday, 16 December 2018
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