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Software & Hardware

“If we use the practices of Integrated PM for performance improvement, then we increase our competitive advantage through both process efficiencies and perceived value, but we’ll need to develop more relevant reports, dashboards and software configurations.”

Above is a diagram that illustrates the relative importance of technology, both hardware and software to an Integrated PM implementation. Those activities that invoke Integrated PM conversations are way more important than the technology itself, which also gains its importance from supporting additional conversation.

pmNERDS partners with leading PM software vendors as resellers and certified implementation consultants. It’s likely that we have a business relationship with your vendor already. If not, we can design the capabilities you need based on the constraints your software application requires, and pass the design to you or their consultant for implementation.

Some enterprise implementations fall into the domain of BI, and may require BI equipment besides software and practices. We also partner with IBM, with their IOT solutions, both software and hardware.

The point is that for some of us, Integrated PM is just a paradigm shift, and change is relatively very simple without any other purchase. Of course, we would recommend this approach to start with regardless of any future efforts.

After this initial change, there may be some reconfiguration efforts of your existing software. This may drive further changes in software applications and even hardware. We can answer questions you might have, and help you identify issues, and create an implementation roadmap.

We know that at times Integrated PM might be more than culture and process change. When this is true, or even might be true, give us a call and we can chat about it. Of course, we would love for you to engage our consultants, but let’s understand the bigger picture first. Most of the time Integrated PM is addressed with process and culture change. Later, after there is some experience developed in your team, they will most likely know what their constraints are and how to address them.

Because of this fact, and the fact that implementing change in some of these other practices will deliver the quickest time to value, it makes sense to pick up some of these high-profile practices first. Later, technology improvements can have greater impacts.



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Wednesday, 12 December 2018
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