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Low-level Inferences: The Facilitator (8 out of 11)

Low-level Inferences: The Facilitator (8 out of 11)

"If we use the Integrated PM approach to team facilitation, then we will improve communication and project performance, but we have to reduce high-level reactive speaking and pay more attention to low-level thinking."

As an Integrated PM facilitator, you are constantly trying to make sense of what is happening in a project team. You watch members say and do things and then you make inferences about what their behavior means and how it is either helping or hindering the project's process. An inference is a conclusion you reach about something that is unknown to you, on the basis of what you have observed. For example, if in a meeting you see someone silently folding his arms across his chest, you may infer that he disagrees with what has been said but is not saying so.

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