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The Volunteer Coaching Program

"If I join the pmNERDS’ Community, then I can share information assets, learn, and collaborate on real Integrated PM issues to improve performance, but it’s difficult and time consuming to learn how to do everything."

It’s true, our community website is a complicated web application with many features designed to make our community more effective.

There is a world class Learning Management System (LMS) that allows members to create and market e-learning courses to help other members of all ages learn Integrated PM principles using project-based and scenario-based teaching techniques. There is a feature-rich e-pub that helps colligate information in community blogs, forums, and public messages to facilitate reading information. Reader annotations used for personal study, are extended to all web content on this site, and with browser plug-ins, can be used across the entire web.

The forum lets members post questions, issues, and ideas benefiting all members and community visitors. The forum also acts as a book review on Integrated PM topics.

Our community application offers many features to facilitate online collaboration, networking, asset sharing, and coaching. When Grandview is launched in 2018, there will be even more to master.

This web application requires coaching right now, and as more features and capabilities are deployed; process training, skills mentoring, and performance coaching will be used.

The volunteer coaching program is an integral feature of the community and is a part process, and a part technology. The technology portion supporting coaching is taught by the coach, a high-level review of the process is shown in the diagram above.

Step 1.0 begins when someone becomes a new member of the community, normally within a few days. If you haven’t been invited to join the Coaching Program, then request a coach today, HERE.

In Step 2.0 a community manager will find an available coach, and through community messages, (and email) will introduce the new member to the coach. It will be between the new member and coach to find a time that they can have a conversation and begin the coaching process.

During Step 3.0 the coach will work with the new member to establish goals and define milestones within a milestone roadmap that the new member can then work towards. The role of the coach is to provide guidance through this process and identify resources when available to help the new member.

Step 4.0 is a continuous process of accomplishing milestone objectives, and following the roadmap until completion. Even the best plans have issues, and the coach helps find solutions to the issues and keeps the learning process moving. The coach may not be the smartest person on the planet, but they can help you find what you need, or get you in touch with the person who can.

Step 5.0 is the recognition of accomplishment. It’s a celebration that should be shared with the community whenever possible. Now that you have completed this process, you might elect to help others. This helps you keep sharp, make new friends, promote Integrated PM, and is just good to do.

Coaching Others in the Community


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Sunday, 16 December 2018
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