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Welcome to The Center of Excellence

“If I participate in the Center of Excellence, then I will improve the performance of all my projects in life, but it requires me to spend time and learn new things.”

This is the place where Integrated PM is being developed. It’s the next generation of Projects; that is the 21st Century. Not to replace the last generation, but to stand on the shoulders of all the work of those who have gone before us. This is an open community, and we’d love to have your participation. Granted, you can sit back, watch and learn, and then benefit from increased project performance. But wait! Why do that when you can pitch in and contribute. Not only will you gain the benefits faster, but will develop lifelong friends in the process. Don’t be shy, jump in today.

They tell me that during the 20th century mankind had focused on many topics, dicing and slicing studies and sciences into many parts, one part not knowing the other. Certainly, this is true with projects. Fields like Systems Thinking, Operational Research, and Scientific Management have become specialized, each one using a different, even more specialized mathematics. That was the century of differentiation, where we took pieces apart, and studied them separately. We focused on mankind’s differences … Well, that was then.

This is the century of integration, the 21st century, is where we pull the pieces back together again. We leverage our understanding of the components, to capitalize on the whole. Integrated PM is the consequence of pulling projects back together. We take a holistic view of all the projects as a system, leverage what has been learned about systems, and then benefit from performance increases in our projects.

Our community? Well yes, invite everyone. Projects impact all our lives, children, young adults, adults and families, small businesses, and full enterprises. All these people use check lists, calendars, goals, simple projects with one resource, complex projects with large teams, inter-dependent projects, projects governed by a program, and even portfolios of projects; they benefit from increased performance. Each of our lives are impacted by projects to some degree. We all benefit from projects, and performance improvement.

We have tried to provide the underlying technology support needed to provide collaboration opportunities, asset sharing, and training to the World. As time goes on, new technology is developed, and we expect to leverage that technology to provide an even better community experience. Improvements are taking place almost daily, please understand the changes, which may cause temporary inconvenience.

Again, become a member and join in. If you find value, then recommend the community to your friends, neighbors, family members, peers, colleagues, even your managers.

Thank You,

Val Workman, President of pmNERDS.

Project Based Learning


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Sunday, 18 November 2018
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