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Your Profile, Friends, & Conversations

“If I complete my profile in the community, then it will be easier for me to engage like-minded people in conversations, but I will need to spend some time in the community.”

The pmNERDS’ Community platform uses your profile like a civic record. It stores your login credentials which is kept private and general information about you that you publish for other members to see.

This is the record that keeps track of how many community participation badges are awarded to you, and certification levels you have earned. If you participate in the open innovation activities in GrandView, this is how we keep track of what assets you own; that way when the product or service begins to produce revenue, you can receive your share.

This profile record also maintains a list of people you are currently friends with. You may engage in conversations with friends after logging in, in fact, most of the community activities are restricted until you login.

Not only are your list of friends maintained on your profile record, but also the list of mentors and coaches you have, and those you are mentoring. Once your profile page has been completed, conversation and collaboration becomes easy. Just as watching the grass move when the wind blows, the life force of the community can be detected in the amount of conversation occurring.

Community membership is free, access to the technology used in supporting this community is free. By creating an account, you create a profile, which helps you interact with others. We bring the technology, you bring your experience and personality. If you build value, perhaps you can invite your friends and colleagues to even get more value from the community. Each of us help form a living community.

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Wednesday, 13 December 2017
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